NORTHERN COUNTRY COOPERATIVE is a full service cooperative serving it's farmers since 1908. Northern Country Coop's primary business is buying and selling grain; grain storage and drying; sales and services of seed, fertilizer and chemicals; feed manufacturing; lumber sales; and several other services. Northern Country Coop has twelve locations serving Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota. The locations include: Stacyville and Toeterville in Iowa; Adams, Alden, Brownsdale, Conger, Emmons, Lansing, LeRoy, Lyle, Oakland, and Rose Creek in Minnesota.

OUR MISSION:  Dedicated to providing quality products and services for a successful future together.

1908 - The Stacyville Grain and Coal Co. was established.
1909 - Ed Seaton named General Manager.
1910 - William Pitzen named General Manager.
1924 - The Stacyville Grain and Coal Co. and the Farmers Equity Assoc. merged companies.
1931 - Joe Pitzen named General Manager.
1943 - Sy Pitzen named General Manager.
1948 - The name of Stacyville Grain and Coal Co. was changed to Stacyville Cooperative Co.
1959 - Reached the milestone of one million dollars in sales.
1968 - Adams area farmers raised money to buy Schissel Bros. Elevator in Adams, MN and joined the Stacyville Cooperative Co. This was known as the Adams Farmers Division.
1972 - Clarence Mayer named General Manager.
1986 - Stacyville Cooperative Company Lumber was purchased.
1990 - Richard Forey named General Manager.
1994 - Scot Janssen named General Manager.
1998 - Stacyville Cooperative Co. purchased elevators in Oakland, MN and Brownsdale, MN.
1998 - The name of Stacyville Cooperative Co. was changed to Northern Country Coop.
1999 - A Limited Liability Company was formed between Northern Country Coop and Land O' Lakes, Inc. called Northern Country Feeds, LLC.
2000 - Northern Country Coop purchased Agro Distribution locations in Toeterville, IA and Lyle, Lansing, and Rose Creek, MN.
2002 - Northern Country Coop purchased locations in Alden, MN; Conger, MN; and Emmons, MN; and the Agronomy Center in Adams was purchased.
2007 - Northern Country Coop purchased the LeRoy, MN location.
2008 - 100th Anniversary celebrated.
2013 - A 13,000 ton capacity fertilizer plant is constructed at the Stacyville, IA location.
2015 - Northern Country Coop purchased Land O' Lakes, Inc.'s shares of Northern Country Feeds, LLC.
2020 - Jason Schwenneker named General Manager.
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